TDK Corporation

TDK Corporation TDK Corporation (Tokyo Denkikagaku Kogyo) was established in December 1935 with the aim of becoming the world's first commercial manufacturer of the magnetic material ferrite. TDK, since then, has continued ceaselessly to turn out a variety of products and services making use of its materials technology, centering on ferrite and ceramics, and processing technology, which draws out the properties of materials to the maximum degree. The founding spirit of TDK, "contribute to culture and industry through creativity," continues to this day to pulsate throughout the company.
Neueste Produkte

TDK TSP15 Piezoelectric Powder Level Sensor is designed for detecting powder in copiers, laser printers, and more by utilizing a piezoelectric ceramic sensor element.

Datum: 2019-09-23

TDK CNC Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors feature a ±10% tolerance rating, a 16 to 100VDC voltage range, and -55°C to +125°C temperature range.

Datum: 2019-09-20

TDK InvenSense ICS-41351 Digital Multi-Mode Microphone features a MEMS microphone element, an impedance converter amplifier, and a fourth-order Σ-Δ modulator.

Datum: 2019-09-04

TDK InvenSense ICS-40740 Ultra-Low Noise Microphones feature ultra-low noise, high dynamic range, differential analog output, and a bottom port.

Datum: 2019-08-19

TDK InvenSense IAM-20381 3-Axis MotionTracking Accelerometer offer on-chip 16-bit ADCs, a 1.71 to 3.6VDD voltage range, and I2C and SPI serial interfaces.

Datum: 2019-07-22

TDK InvenSense IAM-20380 High Performance Gyroscope offers a 0.5 to 4VDD voltage range, a 400kHz clock frequency, and -40°C to +85°C operating temperature range.

Datum: 2019-07-22

TDK InvenSense IAM-20680 6-Axis MotionTracking Device combines a 3-axis gyroscope and a 3-axis accelerometer in a small 3x3x0.75mm package.

Datum: 2019-06-24

TDK PiezoListen™ Ultra-Thin Piezo Speakers are high-power actuators that convert virtually any surface into a speaker without compromising the existing structural design.

Datum: 2019-06-10

HPL Wound Ferrite Inductors Feature high-reliability without joints, magnetic flux cancellation, and low DC resistance.

Datum: 2019-06-07

TDK Audio Filters, Inductors, Chip Beads, and Varistors are specifically designed to minimize distortion in audio lines while effectively suppressing noise.

Datum: 2019-05-29

TDK SPM6550CT Inductors are magnetic shield type and are designed for power circuits using a metallic magnetic material.

Datum: 2019-02-14

TDK TCM-M Common Mode Filters are based on thin-film processing techniques and material technology cultivated from HDD head manufacturing.

Datum: 2019-01-31

TDK AEC-Q200 TFM-ALVA Thin Film Metal Power Inductors are AEC-Q200 compliant and offer a 40V rating that emphasizes voltage resistance.

Datum: 2019-01-29

TDK VFS Series Common Mode Chokes are compact noise suppression components for home appliances that accommodate high currents.

Datum: 2019-01-18

TDK HAL188y Programmable Linear Hall-Effect Sensors are designed with a ratiometric and linear analog output proportional to the magnetic flux density applied to the sensor surface.

Datum: 2018-12-11

TDK SPM-VT-D Automotive Inductors are metal composite type wound inductors for power circuits using a metallic magnetic material.

Datum: 2018-11-20

TDK VLS-AF Power Inductors are Magnetic shield type wound inductor for power circuits. Now available at Mouser.

Datum: 2018-11-06

TDK VST Automotive Grade SMD Transformers successfully combine a shift to high coupling (low leakage) with a shift to completely automatic winding by employing a new structure that makes automatic winding possible.

Datum: 2018-10-23

TDK CA Series Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors (MLCCs) are low resistance MLCCs which exhibit high capacitance through an inline structure.

Datum: 2018-10-23

TDK VLS6045EX-H Automotive Inductors are magnetic shield type wound inductors that offer high magnetic shield construction.

Datum: 2018-10-02