AVX Lambda-Bridge Thermal Conductors

Author : Avx Published Time : 2018-10-05
AVX Lambda-Bridge Thermal Conductors are designed using materials that ensure reliable and repeatable performance, providing a cost-effective thermal management solution. AVX Lambda-Bridge Thermal Conductors are constructed with Aluminum Nitride (AlN) or Beryllium Oxide (BeO) and are available in standard EIA form factors. Lambda-Bridge allows designers to manage thermal conditions by directing heat to a thermal ground plane, heat sink, or any specific thermal point of interest. The inherently low capacitance make this AVX device virtually transparent at RF/microwave frequencies. Lambda-Bridge also offers additional layers or protection to adjacent components from hot spot thermal loads. The series provides the added benefit of increased overall circuit reliability and is manufactured using one-piece construction, providing a RoHS compliant SMT package that is fully compatible with high speed automated pick-and-place processing. It is available in 0302, 0402, 0603, and 0805 EIA case sizes.


High thermal conductivityLow thermal resistanceLow capacitanceIncreases circuit reliabilityRoHS compliantMore efficient thermal management


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