Vishay microBRICK™ DC/DC Regulator Modules

Author : Vishay Published Time : 2019-08-14
Vishay microBRICK™ DC/DC Regulator Modules are synchronous buck regulators with integrated power MOSFETs and an inductor. The modules have a power stage capable of supplying 20A of continuous current at up to a 2MHz switching frequency. This regulator produces an adjustable output voltage down to 0.6V from 4.5V to 24V input rail. This is ideal for a variety of applications including computing, consumer electronics, telecom, and industrial.


Operation from 4.5 V to 24 V input voltageAdjustable output voltage down to 0.6 VOutput voltage tracking and sequencing with pre-bias start up± 1% output voltage accuracy from -40°C to +125°C

Highly efficient
95% peak efficiency1μA supply current at shutdown50μA operating current, not switching

Highly configurable
Four programmable switching frequencies available: 600kHz, 1MHz, 1.5MHz, and 2MHzAdjustable soft start and adjustable current limitProgrammable modes of operation: forced continuous conduction or power save mode


5V, 12V, and 24V input rail POLsDesktop, notebooks, server, and industrial computing
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