Inductive and capacitive reactance online calculator

Formula of inductive reactance and capacitive reactance:

Calculation formula of capacitive reactance:

where Xc represents capacitive reactance, capacitance is represented by C(F), and alternating current frequency is expressed by f(Hz).

Inductive reactance formula:

where XL is the inductive reactance, the inductance is represented by L(H), and the alternating current frequency is represented by f(Hz).

Working frequency: Hz, Desired reactance value: Ohms
(eg: approx. 8 Ohms for first order crossover, 11.3 Ohms for second order crossover)

Required inductance L = mH,   Required capacity C = uF


Working frequency: Hz, Inductance: mH

Reactance value calculation result:XL = Ohms


Working frequency: Hz, Capacitance: uF    

Reactance value calculation result:XC = Ohms